As previously mentioned, you must complete the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) application form online. Do not download the blank form from the web site and fill it in by hand.

You do not need to complete the form in one sitting – you can save it and come back to it later, as many times as you need to until you are ready to submit it.

To start, go to  and select New Application. This will take you to a preliminary form which you should hopefully find fairly straightforward to complete. For submission method, select “Individual (Direct Application)” – unless you have decided to use an agent, in which case you should probably stop now and let them deal with the whole thing 😉

When you are ready, click ‘Generate Application Forms’ and you’ll be taken through to the main MM2H application form. Again this should be fairly straightforward for you to complete. Some – but not all – of the information you initially entered will be carried across, so try not to get too frustrated at having to re-enter or re-select the same information again…

To complete the form you will need to have handy:

  • Details of your current (or if you are retired, last) employment: your role / job title, annual income or pension, organisation name, plus organisation address, email and phone number. It’s not entirely clear whether those last two should be your own work email and phone number, or those of someone at the organisation who can vouch for you, or the general contact details for the organisation… I used my own details because as a one-man company, they are all the same. If in doubt, I would probably use your own contact details on the basis that you can always pass them on to someone else if need be, but someone else being contacted may not know anything about your application.
  • Details of your working experience: role / job title, organisation and year for each period of employment. I took ‘year’ to mean year started, rather than year finished. There are five inputs initially, but I only had four positions to complete, so I left the last one blank, which did not cause any problem. The first one was the same as my ‘current employment’ already entered in the preceding question.
  • Your financial details: account number, institution name and branch address for each of your relevant accounts. I did not list here literally every single bank account I hold, but rather just the ones I had referred to in my cover letter and for which I was providing bank statements or valuation reports. In my case that was a couple of personal current accounts, my company current account, and my investment accounts provider. I did not specifically list my savings account as this was linked to one of my current accounts, so the branch details were the same. If in doubt, I think you should list any/all accounts you feel would be relevant to proving your financial position (i.e. your ability to support yourself in Malaysia).

One other thing to note, which initially confused me, so hopefully I might be able to save you some trouble: in the ‘Visit Pass Details’ section, you are applying for a ‘Social’ type of pass, and unless you specifically know otherwise, you should answer ‘Yes’ for ‘Is Visa Required’, and select ‘Multiple Entry’ type. 

This confused me originally, because your MM2H social visit pass surely is a multiple-entry visa, so surely no further response is needed, and certainly not ‘No visa required’ or ‘Single entry visa required’. 

My guess is that this form is also used for applications for various other visa types and they didn’t have the time or resource to create different versions for each use-case – i.e. make it easier for their customers 😉

Another thing to mention, which should not be an issue as you are completing the form online, but just in case of any confusion if you chose to first download the blank form from the main web site to have as look through before starting… You do not need a sponsor in Malaysia, so you can ignore any questions relating to that.

Anyway, once you have completed the form online and are happy with everything you’ve entered, click “Save & Submit”, then on the page you arrive at, download your application forms.

The next step is to print and submit your application form, along with the required supporting documents.