This blog records my experiences of applying for (and being granted) the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) visa.

Otherwise known as a Social Visit Pass, this allows the holder (and dependants, if included in the application) to reside in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah, and to exit/re-enter without restriction. There is a separate variant for Sarawak.

I hope my experience may be helpful to others who are applying, or thinking of applying, for Malaysia My Second Home.

It’s possible that the procedures may change between me writing and you reading this, so the specifics might differ. I hope this site might nonetheless provide some useful tips and give you a feel for navigating what can seem like a complicated process.

I applied as a single individual, so I don’t have experience of including family members – but the procedure should be broadly the same, just that there will be some extra details required if you are bringing dependants.

Also, I applied directly, rather than use an agent. If you are time-poor and cash-rich, an agent will likely be useful to you. However, it is perfectly feasible to undertake the process yourself, as I did – it just takes a bit of care, attention to detail, plenty of patience and perseverance, and an ability to tolerate a modest amount of frustration…

It’s probably best to read the articles in sequence, but if you’re already in the process of applying for your MM2H visa / social visit pass, you may feel comfortable skipping some of them. Either way, to get started, have a look at this overview of the MM2H process, from where the other pieces are linked.

I’ll also use this blog to post occasional pieces about, or loosely related to, my observations and experiences of visiting and living in Malaysia. These are not in any particular order, or necessarily related to MM2H, but I hope you may enjoy reading them.

I welcome feedback, and will do my best to respond to questions. If you have been through the MM2H process and your experience differs from mine or you feel I’ve got something wrong, or something has changed since I wrote, please do let me know – corrections much appreciated! You can comment publicly on individual articles, or if you prefer, contact me here.

I hope the information in here is useful.

All the best,